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Spangenberg Attorneys is a completely client-focused law firm. We are enthusiastic about personally getting to know our clientele, in order to tailor our services to best benefit their situations. We concentrate on the details, while still keeping the bigger picture in mind.

We provide legal advice, support and representation in most fields of law – offering to-the-point solutions and the dedication to building long term relationships with clients. Although competing with the larger blue chip law firms in terms of resolving intricate legal problems, we strongly believe in offering affordable legal services.

Our legal practice makes an effort to be more approachable than the norm – minimising the legal jargon and offering our clients understandable, plain-language support in a friendly, relaxed environment. Together with acting competently and with the utmost professionalism, while providing innovative and efficient service, Spangenberg Attorneys has a reputation of exceeding its clients’ expectations.

Spangenberg Attorneys carefully merges the technicalities surrounding the law with the unique requirements of each client. We successfully balance applying modern technology and following trusted old-fashioned ethics. We also offer the dynamics of a young firm, combined with almost 40 years of legal experience amongst our team of specialists. And we trust in our expert ability to be an instrumental part of our clients’ success.


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Team Members

Hein Spangenberg is the face of Spangenberg Attorneys. His personality emphasises the firm's ethic and work philosophy.