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In support of ethical business practice

Some of the best business reassurance must be knowing that your attorney puts you first not his own reputation or the law firm's image really just analysing your situation and guiding you according to what outcome would best benefit your company. That's called ethical practice. And that's quite hard to find these days.

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Thumbs up for Hein Spangenberg

Being located in Knysna has never been an obstacle for Hein Spangenberg and his team. Whenever we had property transfer documents to sign or just some general legal queries, Hein was very quick to personally visit us in Knysna to discuss our affairs. How convenient to not even having to leave our office! Hein, you're welcome for coffee (and some golf) any day!

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Spangenberg Attorneys is very well experienced in general conveyancing, as well as more complex real estate matters. With the law firm branching from Dykes van Heerden, one of SA's biggest transfer attorneys, Spangenberg Attorneys relies on a very modern conveyancing infrastructure. Our extensive involvement in numerous large property developments across the country enables us to deliver real estate services and legal support quite incomparable in the area.

Personal Service

The factory that seriously differentiates Spangenberg Attorneys from our peers is our absolute dedication to personal contact and friendly service. We respect your time and value your comfort.

We therefore come to you for the signing of transfer documents, whether it is at your home or office. This enables us to not only speed up the legal processes, but also to deliver a more client-orientated service. 


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