Transfer Calculator  

Purchase Price: R
Deposit: R
Transfer Costs:
Conveyancing Fee: R 0.00
Transfer Duties: R 0.00
Deeds Office: R 0.00
VAT: R 0.00
FICA Fee: R 0.00
Deed Search Fee: R 0.00
Post & Petties: R 0.00
Bond Costs:
Financed Amount: R 0.00
Bond Registration Fee: R 0.00
Deeds Office: R 0.00
VAT: R 0.00
FICA Compliance Fee: R 0.00
Post & Petties: R 0.00
Total Transfer Costs: R 0.00
Total Bond Costs: R 0.00
Grand Total: R 0.00

In the case of the buyer being VAT registered, transfer duties will not apply, but VAT instead.
Provision must also be made for the following amounts:
  • Bank's admin and initiation fees
  • Levies for up to 12 x months (normally 3 x months)
  • Transfer of exclusive use areas, such as parking bays, in an amount of approximately R12 000 per area
  • Insurance certificate for sectional title transfer, in the sum of approximately R750

While every effort is made to ensure it's accuracy, Spangenberg Attorneys cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of this calculator, including any incorrect information generated by the calculator, and / or arising pursuant to your reliance on such information.

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